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Think about the legendary sprinter Usain Bolt. 


Bolt wouldn't be Bolt if he never engaged his coach, his masseur, or his agent. He likely would still break the world record, but unofficially at an unaccredited race against amateur runners.


Yes, you are the Bolt in YOUR world. Wouldn't it be great if the rest of the world also recognize it? 


DetourGuy is a simple, real-time, and interactive platform that proactively recommends your brand, products, and services to your most wanted customers across the world.


Q. Who do you work with? 

A. High quality, unique, and local places that are relevant and meaningful to travelers. 


What's in for me? 

Your brand will be associated with the most iconic and representative businesses in your area (not necessarily the most luxurious or expensive). We don't work with everyone who is willing to pay us. We just don't believe there are 1,000 places that are equally worthy to be recommended!  


Q. Aren't you just yet another media outlet?

A. Absolutely not. First, we are global. Second, we are proactive. Third, we are real-time.


What's in for me? 

Being global means you'll have thousands of advocates across hundreds of cities talking about your brand in their social circles. 


Being proactive means we'll find your most wanted customers and make sure they know you before they know your competitors.


Being real-time means you're talking to and updating your past, current, future customers whenever you have new things to say/show.


Q. What if I have no budget for you this year?

A. We are an affordable post-paid service (i.e. you make money before you pay us), and we charge by performance (i.e. outcome; not effort).


What's in for me?

Com'on! There's no free lunch but this one is close.  


Email our executive team at management@detourguy.com to jumpstart a conversation!