Your vacation is waiting


  1. With DetourGuy, you can organize a trip in the office without being noticed.

  2. You can avoid places where everyone is holding the same tour book.

  3. You can reshuffle your plans on a rainy day in just a few drags and drops.​

How caring is this Guy?

  1. We only suggest to-do's that are worthy of your eyes.

  2. You pick the to-do's, we fit them in your itinerary; if you're doing too much, we'll warn you.

  3. If your local friend invites you to visit her place, we'll take you there too!

How is this Guy better than my ex?

  1. We focus on YOU, matching YOUR interests to the unique local experiences enabled by our insiders.

  2. We frequently re-calibrate the to-do's; only the best get to stay (see HK100, MC100, SG100 & TP100 examples).

  3. If you're really too busy to plan, we'll plan it for you

How sexy is this Guy?


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"It takes almost no time to create my best trip of all time"

- Jennifer, whom we made her day

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