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Your vacation is waiting


You can now organize a trip in the office without being noticed. You can avoid places where everyone is holding the same tour book. You can reshuffle your plans on a rainy day with just a few drags and drops.​

Our app completely replaces papers and spreadsheets. Once you decide what to do, we'll intelligently fit it into your itinerary. If you are trying to do too much, we'll give you a warning. If you are visiting your friend's place for dinner, we can incorporate that too!

Welcome gift: We have conducted hundreds of hours of research and here're the you-will-regret-if-you-don't-know things to do: 

HK100 (Hong Kong)

MC100 (Macau)

SG100 (Singapore)

TP100 (Taipei)


The lists are dynamic and will be recalibrated frequently. New places will be added and only the best get to stay. We limit each list to ~100 to-do's because we don't want to pretend that all hip coffee shops and fancy shopping malls are equally worthy of your time.


Q. How do you save me 30 hours? 

A. Think about the 200 little tasks that go into putting together a perfect itinerary; we do 80% of that for you. 


Q. Why are your recommended to-do's the best? 

A. Because our research is done in exactly the same way if you were to do it, except we have more time and we read what locals read. 


Q. What if I really don't know how to plan as an amateur?

A. Don't worry! Trip planning is nobody’s profession, but ours. Our trip stylists are ready to tailor-make your perfect trip here.

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