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Here's a 21st century dilemma: people who make more money usually have more boring trips.


It's frustrating when life always hijacks the lunch time that you blocked for planning. It's even more frustrating when your travel partner put the blame on you when you keep getting lost and being ripped off. 


DetourGuy's trip stylists are equivalent to "PhDs in Trip Planning". They know those little things that make or break a trip, and they know how to create an efficient and unique itinerary that makes people jealous. 


Simply fill in the form below and begin the dialogue with us. We'll discuss with you before creating your detailed, interactive itinerary. We'll finetune it until you're satisfied (up to 3 rounds of major revisions). 


PS. Check with your company to see if it is part of our Take-a-Break program which offers employees substantial discount on this service.   


DetourGuy Trip Styling Service

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