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The easiest way to preview your dream job: work with us without quitting your current job.


Use your brain power for a few hours at night to learn more and earn more than your day job.


Design creative projects to advance the travel world, entertainment world, and YOUR WORLD


Be in the spotlight alongside executives who have made an impact at American Express, Citigroup, Colgate, HSBC, Marrioitt, MasterCard, McDonald's, Merrill Lynch, Pepsi, United Airlines.


It's sexy to work for DetourGuy! And it only takes 2 minutes to apply: 


1. Email to express your interest or ask about any positions.


2. In the email, very briefly articulate who you are (e.g. LinkedIn, Weibo, Facebook, Instagram, a resume, a picture, etc.) Keep it short and make it easy yourself. If we need to know more, we'll ask.


3. (Optional) Include any specifics about your job preference 


4. Expect an interview if you match our DNA fairly well


Q. Where are we hiring?  

A. Globally, i.e. wherever you are. 21st century corporate strategy is not constrainted by real estate footprint. You/we just need to make sure there are easy and stable ways for you to coach your team.


Q. How competitive is our compensation package?

A. You take home 33% of the value that you create. It's very transparent and motivational. Benchmarking shows that no Fortune 500 companies are as generous as us.  


Q. How competitive is your selection process? 

A. It's not competitive because we'll take everyone who matches our DNA, but science tells us it's quite difficult to find two people with identical DNA.


Our DNA: We really want you if you... (in order of importance)


1. Almost always win negotiations


2. Write very well


3. Feel important when tackling difficult things


4. Believe great work can be further perfected


5. Can make "bad" colleagues "good" 


6. Can explain DetourGuy to your family


7. Very good at one or more of these areas: 


  • Trip Styling (trip planning is what we do; trip styling is our standard) 

  • B2B Account Management

  • B2C Community Engagement

  • Fund Raising

  • PR/Government/Media Relations


PS. For the above positions, we don't hire against a rock-solid job description. Instead, we customize each role and find ways to leverage your strengths and interests.


PSS. Title is not unimportant. Here're the levels that we are currently hiring -  


  • Intern

  • Analyst

  • Associate

  • Vice President

  • Director

  • Managing Director


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